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To search for a clinical trial at the IU Simon Cancer Center, use any or all of the search fields to the left. Your search may yield the most accurate search results if you search by disease site.

  • Type search criteria in any of the text fields. Skip any items that are unknown or not applicable. Note that the keyword search field applies to a keyword search of the study title.
  • Use the drop-down menus if you wish to limit your search by Age Group.
  • To limit the search to Phase I, Cancer Prevention or Cancer Control, check the appropriate boxes.
  • To browse by Disease Site, Principal Investigator (PI) or Study Site, use the magnification icon to the right of the field .

For all searches and for all browse results, select the Search button at the bottom after you have refined your criteria.

To print a clinical trial listing, "right click" on the body of the listing and select "Print".

  • Phase I clinical trials are the first step in testing a new treatment in people. They study the best way to give a new treatment and the best dose. Phase I trials are usually tested in more than one disease site.
  • Cancer Prevention clinical trials test whether taking certain medicines, vitamins, minerals, or food supplements may lower the risk of a certain type of cancer.
  • Cancer Control clinical trials test whether certain drugs reduce side effects from chemotherapy and other primary treatments.

For further information on our clinical trials, please call the the IU Simon Cancer Center toll free at 1-888-600-4822.

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